Professional and efficient worker

- Hilda
I want to thank Mr. Ramón Gonzáles for the excellent work you did on the AC unit in my apartment.
Since a couple of months ago new maintenance workers arrived to 1020, this week was the first time they came to my unit,
and Mr. González did the job in a completely professional and efficient way.
My 3 stars for maintenance was for, despite being a refreshed old building, apartments and common areas have a long list of things that it repairs, as old AC units that do not work effectively, air leaks from old doors and windows and poor cealing insolation, resulting in high electricity bills.
At this moment we have more than 2 months with the gate open 24 hours a day because it is broken, so, in addition that we are paying for a closed community, we need to share the parking space with people working in a neighboring street. We also receive visits from people proclaiming their religion or offering their business services.
Balconies and stairs security rails are in a very bad condition, as well bathroom wall tile, bathtubs makeup, dog park and ...
but, Mr. González made a great job for me.