just some consideration

- shelly bogema
My husband and I have lived here for 2.5 years and have enjoyed it very much. The staff and maintenance personnel are wonderful. However, we were very surprised that the new lower prices for the units were posted on a board in the new office. It was like a smack in the face! We resigned our lease Feb. l and had to practically beg for a small lowering of the rent. We have never been late in the 2 years before resigning this lease. We asked to renegotiate the lease since the rents are so much lower for new people to no avail. We struggle with this rent. Can't find another apartment in this area as I need a ground floor unit. They are very hard to find. We are clean, honest people and would hate to move. Please consider my email. Would love to hear back from someone in corporate. Please remember we love it here. The neighbors in my building are all super people. We both would appreciate a response and possible help with our out of control rent situation. Thanks very much.